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At the heart of Bigger Story Music are Nashville music veterans and longtime pals Ken Lewis and Scott Dente. The two started out in the now distant 1990’s as touring musicians with a bit more hair and not much sense. They would eventually retire from the road life, battle weary and basically broke. The fellas settled into an almost steady career as studio session guys, playing on all sorts of recordings for over 25 years. This valuable experience taught them many important lessons that they would carry forward as independant record producers, such as, ”don’t record bad songs”, your dad’s money doesn’t mean you can sing, and ProTools can’t fix a stupid lyric”.

As the 2000’s ramped up and the record business slowed down, sputtered and seemed to run out of fuel, Ken and Scott traveled different paths as producers, small label owners, self taught marketing mavens and A&R men. But eventually they grew tired of finding their way through the tangled underbrush and scattered ruins of the music biz by themselves.
A fortuitous coffee meeting ensued and they found out that they both sucked at different things, which seemed like a good enough reason to start a new company. That production company became the springboard for many album projects together and more importantly, their foray into the world of production music. Years went by.

Thousands of tracks later, with a fantastic team of co-writers, players and engineer geeks assembled, the boys were finally ready to do their own thing. The world rejoiced. Bigger Story Music was born. The rest is still to be written.

But enough about us; What you’re really here for is to find just the right track, so…

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